J. Åsling Roots & Friends

A brand new band playing 100% original music, no covers what-so-ever!!

Vocalist, composer and guitarist  J. Åsling  (aka Sir Jay & His Blue Orchestra, 3 cd´s) from the south of Sweden unleashes a groove-infested collection of rootsy blues originals, this with his brand new knock-out band. All cuts were recorded in only two days in Stockholm, at Real Music Studio, Bromma.  with very little rehearsal and post-production, resulting in the spontaneous feel of these hard swinging  “Stockholm Sessions” – a crazy mix of blues, swamp & soul! With this brand new album they mean serious business. As the musicians have a firm love for old style improvisational music, the songs (100% originals) were recorded in the same way – all tracks in only 1-3 takes. Recorded in the summer of 2014.


Distribution: worldwide by Plugged Music AB, (USA by CD Baby / Super D One-Stop in)


Jörgen Åsling (sir jay)

Guitarist, composer, band leader, singer

A Swedish musician, who has contributed immensely to keep the blues music alive in his hometown Malmö (next to the Danish capitol Copenhagen).

In his younger days he was a semiprofessional table tennis player but switched career when being handed a guitar at the age of 18. He fell completely in love with the instrument and started practicing with obsession almost 6-8 hours a day. He is also a trained teacher in Swedish language and mathematics.

As a performing artist he is known for his wild and spontaneous live shows, always with the best of musicians by his side. He is also appreciated for swinging old style with a raw output + great guitar tone. Through the years he has been melting diverse styles to create his own personal blend, often with a humorous twist – a truly original guitar style.

Genres: blues, jump blues, swing, swamp & soul
Early Influences: T-bone Walker, Peter Green, Lightnin´ Hopkins, Little Milton, Charlie Christian & Charlie Parker

“It gives me a total sense of independency and freedom when I play my own material, and it`s a big challenge too! The great musicians in this band are feeding me with great musical spirit. We all love to improvise so the songs can take off into all kinds of different directions. We have received tremendous feedback for this music so I´m really happy and proud of this new project and album!”
Active as a musician in different bands since -92:

Leader and founder of Sir Jay & His Blue Orchestra: (with a three-piece horn section). They have recorded 3 well received cd: Let’s Jump Tonight (-01). Blues for Uncle Sam (-08) Two Happy Nights – (Recorded live in Brno, Check republic -13) BOX Records, Distribution by playground, Scandinavia. The band is still active!

Trademark: All his weird hats combined with a crazy sense of humour.

Sven Erik “Svempa” Lundekvist

Piano and Hammond B3

From Sala, Västmanland
He has brought a lot of different colors and soul to this band.
He is also regularly playing and touring with big Swedish acts like saxophone player Fredrik Kronqvist, Gunhild Karling and Sir Jay & His Blue Orchestra.
During live shows he often stretches out to the extreme challenging Jay and drummer P A Tollbom into crazy bombastic duels.
Recently this fine musician was being legally adopted by J. Åsling. The main reason for that was that J. so strongly fell in love with his playing and simply realized he can’t go to sleep without listening to “them sweet church notes”!

Trademark: The ladies favorite!

P A Tollbom


A drummer extravaganza from Gothenburg that delivers the goods at any given moment!

One of the most experienced and well sought-after drummers in Sweden – with a musical background that goes beyond the point of normal.

He has toured and recorded with many of the great Swedish and foreign acts, including the trumpet player Anders Bergkrantz, The Miles Davis Tribute Band (his own) and Sir Jay & His Blue Orchestra.

Trademark: He´s a fantastic chef!

Micke Elofsson

Electric and upright bass.

From Ljungby, an area referred to as the Swedish “bible belt”.
A serious and highly driven musician who moved to Malmö in the eighties to play with great musicians like “Fjellis” Fjellström and Peps Persson. He’s got a natural and emphatic feel for old style blues and any kind of roots music.

Trademark: His “grumpy poker face” combined with an almost perfect bass sound.

Additional musicians

Magnus Edring: Dobro/banjo

Performs in different folk influenced bands and is a well sought-after sideman around the Malmö/Copenhagen area. He is an extremely fluent and interesting string wizard with a great sound. He brought some fantastic sounds and musical inspiration to “The Stockholm Sessions”.


Agnes Berg: Violin/mandolin/back-up vocals.

This spiritual lady and fine musician is a really fine electric violin player, and a great singer too. She is hired by the band for certain live shows. Agnes really spiced up the overall sound to some tunes on the album (Track 2, 9, 11).

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